US Patients Sharing Experiences

These patients from different parts of the world came to India for different treatments. In this video they are sharing their experiences about the doctors, hospitals and the treatment which they got from CLACS during their stay in India.

Complete Makeover of American Patient

This American Patient aged 80 plus came to India for a complete makeover. He underwent several surgeries over a period of 15 days and by the time he was to return to his country he looked much much younger.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in India

This 39 year old patient from abroad came to India for breast augmentation surgery. The surgery was done at CLACS and the patient was delighted with the results. The cost of this surgery is USD 3000 in India.

Get Your Sex Life Back

British Patient Review

Male Sex Problems

Penile Implant Surgery

ED Surgery in India

Get Your Mojo Back